Well, I made it.

It’s been just under a month since I arrived into the ‘Land of the Free’, ‘Home of the brave’ and the state that despite being ranked the “Third worst in the nation for healthcare”, is home to two cities which according to Money Magazine are the best places to live in the USA, home to the safest city in America (forbes) and The best city in the USA to get rich (Dallas Business Journal) and coincidentally, where I now live.

Yup, I’ve made it to the 28th State that was once French, Spanish and Mexican in that order. Texas. Home to some 25.5 million people and me and yet despite the French ancestry I still cannot find a decent croissant. (Well, ‘Crescent Roll’. Apparently croissant was too complicated)

Despite the tearful goodbyes that were had at 2am when I left the journey itself was relatively smooth sailing. Security at Heathrow paid no attention to my envelope, and security at the gate thankfully left me alone. Despite horror stories of long wait times, I was in and out of Dallas Fort-Worth airport in a little over two hours (trust me, that’s quick for DFW).

So far, things have been smooth if rather busy. Everyone is friendly and BBQ really is everywhere. Fortunately I have a lot to carry on with in the run up to the wedding before an entirely new visa process and more moths of waiting begin. Hopefully though, this one will be a little easier to cope with since I won’t have to be alone for most of it.

For now I’m off to enjoy a little more of the weather. It might be cold for Texans, but it certainly isn’t for me!

The start middle and beginnings of the end of a journey

For those of you that know and many of you that don’t, I’m moving to the USA on a more or less permanent basis. As of right now, a long and arduous wait is coming to a close, and I am sat on the train writing this as I head for my medical. The last but one step of this visa process.

This all starts back in December, when I proposed to my fiancée in Texas. A visa application followed, as did nearly seven months of waiting. Waiting, with nothing else that we could do or even attempt to do. Our entire lives were on hold as we waited for the outcome of the petition that we needed to support my visa application. Finally, just over a month ago, we got an answer. Then the real work starts!

My fiancée had already done all of her work back in December when we filed, this time, its my turn to start working.

Forms, papers, photographs, a new passport and a police check make up at least some of the things I’ve had to do recently, and that’s not taking into account the fact that I have to look and consider my possessions very carefully in order to fit only my most prized ones, into six 20 inch cubes.

Today, I get to go for a medical exam, and right now it’s 11:45 and I’m sat in first class on the London Paddington bound locomotive so that I can spend as much as 45 minutes being poked and prodded and having my blood taken, for the embassy required medical examination. The first class, I might add was a special treat. Then again, it was only five pounds extra each way. I haven’t taken the train to London since I was little, even then, I can’t recall ever actually getting as far as London, merely stopping at Reading before heading onwards to Crowthorne to visit my now deceased grandmother. I do very much wish she could be here to say goodbye to me in a few weeks time.

Once the medical is complete, I then get told of my interview date,and finally provided I pass the interview, I board my flight to the USA to start a brand new life.

I’m terrified, but happy.

There are a lot of unknowns, but many more adventures laying ahead. So hopefully this blog will work out well to help those that I have left behind stay in touch. Although if anyone does miss me that much more, there’s always skype and facetime.

According to Google,  it’s now 11:51 and I am somewhere near Royal Wootton Bassett, Swindon.

Time for lunch I think. The rain has started pouring down the opposite side windows, a good reminder of something I’m leaving behind that I surely won’t miss!