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Since you’re reading this you’ll probably notice the new theme on the website provided by Graph Paper Press and that I’m trying to introduce a more visual, reader friendly view to almost everything I run, including my Portfolio site.

I’ve actually used GPP before, for this site even, as well as my portfolio site over at, and since I’ve clearly long since been a fan of Graph Paper Press, they were something of a natural choice going forward as I start not only these websites again, but getting back into all my photography and undertaking the arduous task of re-editing almost everything I’ve ever shot. (I’m going to need a much, much bigger hard drive)

So why the change? And why can’t I just use the inbuilt theme?

Well, there are a few different reasons. First of all, really? The inbuilt themes might allow me to throw an image in here or there, but this lets me make something with a little more visual focus. I have no need for various widgets and fancy word clouds anymore, but I also want to take advantage of the fact that I and everyone else over the last ten years have had a web capable smartphone or tablet. None of the themes I had really looked good enough on mobile, much less a desktop.

Plus, I wanted something that presented each post as a page without going through the weird and wacky way of actually doing that in wordpress.

So stay tuned. Everything is under reconstruction right now. It’ll look better soon

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