Oh, that didn’t work out

Oh boy. How do I start this entry when it’s been 4 years and 9 months since my last one, and you might notice a new face on the site as I move it more into a blogging platform rather than a media platform.

Stuff changed. And by stuff I mean me. Nearly 5 years on and no, I’m no longer married.

It’s somewhat strange to put that in writing. The divorce itself finalized last year and It was many moons before that when things actually happened. I guess it’s strange then to try and bring up the past for the purposes of parading my life online, but bring it up I shall so that you, dear reader, can understand that I am still a complete person, that I’m still alive, and despite the fact that I’m divorced I’m actually doing ok!

So where do I start on this update while still remaining tasteful? I own a house, I have a car. I have cat’s now. Two of them (Stop laughing – I know), but perhaps most importantly of all of this, I still live in the USA.

So why the hell did I stay?

Work, and people. (yeah, yeah I know, cliche answer) The last 5 years have been something of an obvious emotional roller coaster. I’ve made friends, I’ve lost friends, I’ve moved around, moved jobs, moved up and down the ladder, and found out more interesting things about myself. But, the people are ultimately what kept me going,
That, and as my father said on his last visit : 

I don’t think you could go back home, you’ve adapted too well

Quite a statement, but it’s true. And I had the weight to prove It! (Though I’ve since lost about 40lbs)

I’m busy trying to get this site back in order and intended for a wider audience so stay tuned for some more updates soon!

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